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How Creator Smart Contract can help you

Creator Smart Contract enables all users, even ones without any technical knowledge, to generate their own tokens on multiple networks in ERC- 20, ERC 721, ERC 1155,... standards. Our platform proves to be a highly sustainable and transparent place thanks to using Blockchain Technology to form its Smart Contract foundation. It ensures the security of users' data and transactions due to utilizing the protected cryptography model. All you have to do is to fill in a simple form and complete the transaction with your crypto wallet. Nothing else. No login. No setup. No coding required.


Our website offers a true DApp that is entirely on-chain without any database or server side code. The web application is run locally on your computer by your browser, and it communicates directly with the Blockchain Network via your wallet. (Currently, Creator is only supporting MetaMask.)


Creator can not and will never store any personal information from users as it does not require logging in or creating accounts on this site. Your connected crypto wallet account will simply function as your account.


Creator offers you the most convenient way to create and launch your own smart contracts. You should use a Dapp compatible browser to explore this site. For example, in Chrome you can use MetaMask and many other crypto wallet extensions that supports Dapps. Not just that, you could even create commands to your smart contract using this site.


Users are the one who creates and launches the smart contract, and their wallet address will be assigned as the owner on the blockchain, giving them total control over their contracts. We issue owner-only commands for all smart contracts on the site.

Create Token
Our experts are skilled enough to create tokens that are fully optimized within the network. This helps business firms finish transactions without any delay.
Manage Token
Once created, your tokens can be managed in the Token Manager dashboard which caters to your needs of buying, selling, and burning tokens in a seamless and efficient manner..
We have fully documented guides on how to create and manage smart contracts. Aside from the standard contract, Creator platform also provides Custom Smart Contracts fulfilling different purposes depending on the need of each projects.
Request Audit

The smart contract audit service includes:

- Tests against known vulnerabilities that are relevant to the unique business logic of each smart contract.

- Lists security vulnerabilities and certified/violated requirements.

- Resolve access control issues and an assessment of compliance with the Solidity Code Style guidelines.